jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2006

Everywhere you go is home

words full of wisdom...
my family, my friends...away from me...
or am i away from they?
i don't know... crossed feelings in my mind between before and now...like it or not, my life is changing... i'm turning another person from this land... my life goes on...and i have to go ahead with...

P.S. I'm not sad, i'm just looking my reality...it doesn't mean that i don't wanna see you, Lilian =P

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Hevysuke dijo...

I see u have been quite relaxed theese days...
that's just good to read
i hope your life goes on like this
i will be here if you need too
whenever you want a nice fight, i will be... And Eddie as well ; )
Greets Sir Guilty
-May Fate Guide your hand-
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