jueves, 10 de julio de 2008

I was diagnosed with AIDS (short story)

Hi, I’m Michael and I am 8.

I like football and Japanese cartoons. Naruto is my favorite!

I’m a little bit sad because I can’t attend my school anymore.

My mom told me that it’s because I have an illness called AIDS. I don’t really know what

AIDS means, but I don’t feel cold, I don’t have any spots and I don’t have fever.

One day I asked my mom why I do have AIDS if she and dad are healthy people. My mom

told me that I’m a foster son and my dad and mom had AID, so they gone far, far away… I hope to see them some day…

Yesterday, while I was in the park a the mother of a classmate stared at me and started screaming at me and my mom to keep me away from the people... the worst thing she said was that I should have been put down at birth. I cried and I told mom that I’ll never go to the school again... ‘It’s okay’, She said. ‘We’re leaving this town in two weeks’

Meanwhile, I’m having classes at home with a personal tutor. He’s very nice and told me that he comes from the hospital. I wouldn’t know that children in the hospital have classes too!

Maybe, when I grow up, I could be a teacher and could teach in the hospital too!



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me dio penita T_T

te encontre una pifia... xD

pero es penoso