domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013

The curse of Standard playing on Magic The Gathering

Almost 2 years have passed since I returned to Magic The Gathering.  I returned right after Innistrad and I’ve built many fun decks to play in Standard. Now I’m building a new deck because I’ve lost my previous one in a park. While I was deciding wich cards should I get, I saw my binders  and I realized how much “junk” now I have. Why junk? Because they are now part of the Modern format.

Modern uses cards from 8th Edition until the last one, so every card I have should be useful, but when I see the decks other people use, I sadly realize that I’m not able to compete against them. They have tons of good cards from previous editions: Emrakul, fetchlands, infect cards, Pod, to say some of them. Can I afford them? I don’t think so.  I have some good cards from the Innistrad block, but I’m not able to build a good Modern deck.

What about Modern Masters, then? Yes, it is an option, but the problem is that where I live (Chile), some stores sell the boosters for  more than $11! –the price for a normal booster here is $6 (really sad, though).

So what can I really do with all my cards? Practically nothing but trading some of them and letting the rest live in a binder or in a box.  I think I will be stuck on Standard for a while.

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