viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2007

september 14th

i arrived home a couple of hours ago...

i run into a friend of mine... it was good =)

but... i've noticed that i missed Viña =P

i don't have so [edit]many[edit] friends there... almost always i spend my days in my appartment... but it doesn't matter... i feel fine there =)

anyways... i'm at home...

the good point is... i can eat "real food" xD
i'v been eating "emergency food"(pasta, rice, etc) for several days so far...
so i really needed to eat something.... uhm... tasty =)

in a few minutes, mi lil bro, Patricio, will be 14...

he's growing so fast =P

at this moment, everybody sleeps... if i was in my flat, i would be playing the bass or something else =P

by the way... yesterday, i went to sleep at 2.00 am =P


well...first of all, i finished my homework for today and then, i watched "el club de la comedia" it made my day =P
after that, i practiced a little bit on my bass... so i played a "few" songs, like 5 or 6, but they were more speedy than i expected... i almost injured my arms =O

i have to take care about "overusing myself" xD

oops... another issue... i haven't had internet in my flat for two days... i've left my mobile phone there also ^_^U

well... i'm sleepy...

have i mistakes, tell me plz...

la puta que tengo los brazos cansados!!!

necesito dormir un poco =P




3 comentarios:

TaLeNa PluX dijo...

naah me da flojera tratar de leer todo, pero gran parte entendí^^


Q weno que estés de vuelta, disfruta estas fechas con la Familia y aprovecha de comer "comida" eh!



Tanis dijo...

i run into a priend of mine... "it" was good ? he or she.. but it ????

aparte de eso no note nada malo :P

besitos... k lo pase lindo....

oie !!!!
como ta tu mama ??? se mejoro ????

bueno mandale buenas vibras a tu familia :P

toy en la pega ( k novedad ) y hoy llegan mis familiares del sur y de valpo! van a traer ala matilde *.* nadie la conoce... al menos los de stgo xD

ya ahora si... seguire conversando con teddy *.*

besos... have a nice little weekend :P

Camiii dijo...

hacía tiempo debí haberlo hecho :P

el it was good está bien, te refieres al fact, don't you?

una cosita... friends... countable ;-) [mi karma en grammar!!!] inserte su cara de miedo aquí.