miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011


I feel kinda sad because of my girlfriend's sadness. She's a Spanish teacher at a school in Quillota and was very happy about the idea of teching young students, but those guys are bad to the bone. Today, they had a graded assignment, but only 8 from 3X students did it; the rest were just fooling around and started a kind of riot inside the classroom. Finally, some students asked my girlfriend "do you expect to be here until the end of the year?" (fucking assholes). When she told me this, she cried a river.

What happens to the young nowadays? When I was at school, I respected teachers, despite the bad times i had; now the students take the control of the classroom and proclamate themselves as bosses.

At which point the young lost their path? I'm afraid my girlfriend could be in distress in that school. The worst point? She cannot quit, because 1) it's her first job as teacher, 2) she hasn't signed a contract yet and 3) she needs the money to help at home...


God take care of her and of every teacher

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Anónimo dijo...

Welcome to reality. Several teachers feel that way every day, and they have learned how to not burst into tears. All you have you have to do is resist. It's called "life".

Melissa Tassara dijo...

:S son cosas que pasan..deberá acostumbrarse y tratar que las cosa no pases inmediatamente a ella, que no haga osmosis de los comentarios y solo sonría y ponga una poker face