jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Ya que estoy aquí...

Doesn't really matter if i get visited or not. The fact is I haven't updated my blog since... lot of time... w/e.

Uhm... As you can remember, my health was kinda bad because of my gallbladder so I had a surgery some weeks ago; along with my gallblader, the surgeon removed a stone that resembles an Azapa's olive.

Despite my scars and my weight loss (a good thing), I feel fine. I can't do strong physical exercise for 1 month, though (that means, no DDR for 1 month).

Oh, yes... I shaved my beard as a thank to "The Boss" (God). I'm not into religion, but I believe in Him. (you can see my current "me" in my profile's picture)

I think these are the important news until today...

See y'all!

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